Ragna Schirmer

(born in 1972)

Ragna Schirmer
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CD-Recordings of works by Robert and Clara Schumann

Clara Schumann: Klavierkonzert
Ludwig van Beethoven: Klavierkonzert Nr. 4 G-Dur op. 58
Ragna Schirmer, Klavier
Staatskapelle Halle unter der Leitung von Ariane Matiakh
Audio CD . Berlin Classics
Erscheinungsdatum/released: 13.9.2017

Love in variations
Liebe in Variationen

Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms
Ragna Schirmer, Klavier (Blüthner, 1856)
Audio CD
Edel Berlin Classics
Erscheinungsdatum/released: September 2015

Chopin . Schumann

Etüden / Etudes 
Ragna Schirmer, Klavier
Chopin: Etüden Nr. 1-12
Schumann: Symphonische Etüden op. 13
Berlin, DDD, 2003/2005
Erscheinungsdatum: 19.2.2010

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Chopin-Schumann-live-Konzert-Hinweis: http://www.heidelberger-fruehling.de/

Robert Schumann

Beethoven-Etüden [über das Thema des 2.Satzes aus Beethovens Symphonie Nr. 79] WoO 31
Symphonische Etüden op. 13
Ragna Schirmer, Klavier
Berlin, DDD, 2004
Released: 22.3.2006

See, inter alia: http://www.schumann-portal.de/


Robert Schumann

“I Want to Laugh in Agony”: Love letters between Clara and Robert Schumann


“Love in Variations”

Clara Wieck: Romance variée, Op. 3
Robert Schumann: Impromptus on a Theme of Clara, Op. 5
Robert Schumann: Papillons, Op. 2
Clara Schumann: Variations on a Theme of Robert, Op. 20
Robert Schumann: Symphonic Etudes, Op. 13 

“Clara Schumann is less known as a composer than as a piano virtuoso and interpreter of her husband’s works. Her great composer talent has always been slightly pushed back by Robert Schumann. For instance, he wrote 12 impromptus pursuant to young Clara’s temperamental romance to prove his superiority to her. The artistic couple’s great love survived these petty jealousies, however, and at the premiere of the Symphonic Etudes at the Leipzig Stock Exchange, Clara did not only commit to her husband against her father’s wish. She also cited the very same romance theme in her variations op. 20 and sent these to her husband, who at the time was in a mental home in Endenich.”
Cf. http://www.ragna-schirmer.de/

Robert Schumann’s piano concerto

Robert Schumann

“The young and wild”

  • Clara Schumann Piano Concerto (composed at the age of 14, premiered 1834 under the direction of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy)
  • Mendelssohn: Piano Concerto No. 1 (composed at the age of 19, 1830/31)

Cf. http://www.ragna-schirmer.de/