Artist’s talk on 6th June 2014

On 6th June 2014, the young Italian pianist Ottavia Maria Maceratini, receiver of numerous awards and lauded to the skies by the critics with her CDs, was available from 1800 hrs for a long talk conducted before an audience, just two days before the 204th anniversary of Robert Schumann’s birth, whom she paid tribute to on 7th June within the scope of a festive event of the Bonn Schumann Festival, by giving a birthday concert at the sold-out Schumann House in Bonn. During this talk, music journalist Dr Rainer Aschemeier asked her about her love for Schumann, her musical preferences, and her interests beyond music. We had been able to win Ottavia Maria Maceratini over for membership in the Schumann Forum, the Board of Artists of the Schumann Network, in 2013 already, immediately after the release of her second CD.